Blood the elixir of life

All donations made towards charity are valuable, but nothing is comparable to donating human blood. Blood donation is our human duty, just a bottle can save someone undergoing surgery, ailing from anemia, or have met with an accident. Because there is no artificial substitute for blood and someone, somewhere may be in dire need. Even one donation can help save a lot of lives. Be a part of this social responsibility as the need is constant where the gratification of saving a life is instant.

a little


goes a long way. . .

The purpose of human life is to give, and serve and the will to help others. Giving to others gives pleasure as it makes people happier. When you enter the giving season, you will definitely think about giving more as you will be indirectly maximizing your happiness.

Happiness does not result from what we get it is the result of what we give. We have just one life to make it more valuable and the gesture of giving can make it better.